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Negeri Sembilan

nice person

Iam singel iam comedian iam art and iam profesional dancer and iam draqquen show to always happy and never sad.....

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Toronto Gay Pride

Toronto goes all the way for Gay Pride. Not just a parade or a day, they have a whole month. Nearly every store or bus Read More

Posted by RobWoodman

Where Being Gay Is Beautiful

GayHopper—Where Being Gay Is Beautiful     In a world so used to hatred and negativity, w Read More

Posted by August16516


Thailand 's Bustling Gay Scene   When it comes to backpacking, one of the first destinations that po Read More

Posted by mshanbasa

Italy and Malta

After many months of planning four older Lesbians were off to Italy and Malta. We first landed in Florence and took a Read More

Posted by partheniadg

Gay Hopper is a gay website for the Gay Community, the LGBT Community. You can think of this as Gay travel,budget travel or worldwide travel but really it is about staying with family wherever you go. Gay Hopper lets you connect with the Gay Community so that you can explore Gay Las Vegas, Gay San Diego, Gay Chicago, Gay Miami, Gay Boston, Gay Paris, Gay London, Gay Berlin or any other place. Your host can direct you to a gay bar or gay club, show you to a gay beach, take you to a gay party, tell you where the LGBT Center is, get you in touch with local LGBT organizations. In short, you'll be able to meet Gay people when you travel. As we grow, this site will have travel deals, getaway travel and you'll be able to find other travel accommodations such as bed and breakfasts, resorts and hotels. Or your host from Gay Hopper may simply be your gay contact in town and the beginning of a gay social network. But that is not all, Gay Hopper is concerned about Gay People and Gay Rights all over the world. As we invite LGBT organizations from around the world to help us create an online center for communication and collaboration, a place of ideas and sharing Gay Hopper will become the online hub of the Gay world. To be strong, we need to stand together, we LGBT people. We need to know one another not only online but in person, face to face. We need to create relationships that are real, deep and abiding. We are like family. Lets help this family grow.