Imagine a world wide community of gay and lesbian people who know each other in person; a group based on integrity, generosity, mutual enjoyment and Community. Read more

Why do we do this?

Together we are stronger than when we are separate. We want to create a world wide gay community so that we can be strong and keep each other safe. Read more

Safety is our first concern

We ask people to post a photo of themselves so that travelers and hosts can identify each other. Of course, whenever you travel or you spend time with someone new, you are attentive to signs of danger and you are responsible for yourself. Read more

Crowd sourcing creates up to the minute travel guides

When you travel there are lots of pictures to take and lots of stories to tell about the places you visited, the things you did, the people you met, your recommendations for shops, bars and hangouts. Gay Hopper gives you a place to post all that online so that your friends can follow you. At the same time you are helping create an up to the minute travel guide to your destination. Read more

How to be a good traveler or host

The main issue about being a good traveler or host is good communication. In some cultures it is expected that a guest will bring a small gift for the host's home. This custom can get complicated for a traveler to find something that is appropriate and, if traveling for a long time, being able to carry enough stuff. Read more

Your Profile

We know that in some places it is important to keep one's identity confidential. For that reason, only members will have access to your profile. If keeping your identity confidential is important, you may want to use something other than your name for public view, although we will want to know your real name and address for your own safety. Only you will be able to release that information. You also have control over who sees an identity photo, who will get your phone number, email address and residential address. In your profile is a place to put URLs of other places you can be found on the web, such as your personal website, a website where your art work can be seen, or your profile on dating sites. Gay Hopper is not a dating site and nude or sexually suggestive photos are not appropriate here. By posting other URLs you are free to reveal as much about yourself as you like. If you will be a host, please post some photos of your house, of the place where a traveler will stay and give a good description of the accommodations you have to offer so that a traveler can make an informed choice. Also, please be complete in filling out the profile form. Gay Hopper is about people not just a destination. We want you to become friends and stay in touch with each other after the visit.

How is Gay Travel Exchange supported?

There are two sources of income. The first source is travel related advertising. The other source is donations from users. Accommodation is usually the biggest expense of any travel. We hope you might share some of your savings with us. What do we do with the money? After paying our expenses, we donate that money to support gay organizations around the world where a small amount of money can do a lot of good.

Spread the word!

The best advertising is word of mouth. Please let other people know about Gay Hopper and make it grow. The more it grows the more opportunities you will have. Like it on FaceBook, Tweet to your friends, talk about it in your blogs or on other sites especially if you are traveling, post photos and tell about your trip and share your postings with friends.