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GayHopper—Where Being Gay Is Beautiful
In a world so used to hatred and negativity, where it’s easier to dismiss and stereotype instead of understand and celebrate, how does one make a difference? How does one resist the almost-instinctual impulse to be angry, to retaliate with an equal degree of spite? How does one end a cycle of hate against hate, and begin a revolution of forgiveness, and subsequently, healing, especially in the LGBTQ community—a community that is only beginning to be understood, whose members’ voices are only beginning to be heard?
Well, we at GayHopper have some ideas regarding the matter. Our core beliefs? Integrity, generosity, mutual enjoyment and community.
But first things first: what is GayHopper?
GayHopper 101
GayHopper is a peer-to-peer travel platform that is especially designed for members of the LGBTQ community with the goal of fostering understanding through the sharing of stories, and lives—even if it’s just for a day. People travel for a lot of reasons, and one of GayHopper’s goals is to help make members’ journey a more enriching, educational one—one that would earn a traveler lifelong experiences, stories, and friends.
Sharing one’s life through home sharing is a concept seen in other peer to peer travel platforms such as Couchsurfing and Workaway. GayHopper, however, puts more premium on creating a closer, stronger and more secure worldwide network for members of the LGBTQ community.
Our site is an online platform where LGBTQ people from all corners of the globe could get to know each other, discuss travel destinations, experiences, and ideas. It is a great source of firsthand travel tips and hacks—and a place for everyone to share theirs, too!
But GayHopper is more than another LonelyPlanet or RoughGuides.
In a lot of places in the world, gay people are left to fend for themselves: a lot of gay people are left with no choice but to lead secret lives, faced with the possibility of hate and alienation from society (and in a lot of cases, including their families), even legal consequences—in extreme cases, including death. GayHopper also serves as a platform for solace, an online community where we can fully express who we are, and be celebrated and loved for it.
And all this, we will do for free.
GayHopper is, in a lot of ways, a family.
LGBTQ = Kindness
GayHopper, essentially, is all about being kind. It’s bridging the gap between genders, between identifications through values that everybody is aiming for: kindness, love, positivity and compassion. It’s all about creating a community where everyone is welcome, everyone is accepting, every member is family.
The world can be a scary place, yes, and members of the LGBT community know it. And in a world where anger and hatred is almost an impulse, understanding and compassion is a revolution. And this is Gayhopper’s revolution—we are the LGBT community, and we are a community of people who have chosen, and will always choose to let understanding and love triumph over bigotry.
The goal is to spread light into the world, one member at a time, one successful home-sharing experience at a time: acts that would create a larger ripple of happiness for and celebration of diversity.
Here at GayHopper, positivity is our enlightenment. We share our homes, and in doing so, we share our lives. This site is an avenue for members to share their stories of adventure, their experiences, their precious learnings. This site is also a haven: a place where everyone can provide support for LGBT members all over the world—to let them know that whoever and wherever they are, they have a worldwide family who accepts and loves them.
So in a nutshell, that’s who we are. The goal is to make the GayHopper logo a worldwide symbol of hope, love, and generosity—to have a family member you can go home to, wherever you might be in the globe.
Be a part of this revolution. Together, we can make it happen!
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