Toronto Gay Pride

Canada, 08, Toronto

Toronto goes all the way for Gay Pride. Not just a parade or a day, they have a whole month. Nearly every store or business, from the corner store to the international bank display rainbow colors and tout the virtues of inclusiveness. My standard on public displays of affection is to do what feels natural in the belief that it is good for people to see same sex couples being as loving as het couples are. My partner is far more concerned about what people will think. We walked all over Toronto holding hands and he never felt that he should not do that. And we kissed. In the US he is not so willing to be public about our love. That goes to show how accepting a place Toronto is. Toronto is a big city and the financial center of Canada. This is a good place to go if you like interesting, modern skyscraper architecture. While we were there a Viking ship, the Draken, and a Spanish Galión were in port. There is plenty to do so it took a while before we found the Village, the gay neighborhood. It being Pride, Church Street was blocked off for bands and booths. Trans Day coincided with Canada Day, July 1. July 2 was Dyke Day and Pride Day was July 3. The Pride Parade was huge lead off by the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It went on for at least three hours. I heard an estimate of 35,000 people in the parade and three million watching. People on floats threw beads and other small objects like pencils, erasers, neoprene sleeves to keep canned drinks cold and so on. The other thing they did was spray the spectators with water and sometimes the spectators replied in kind. The water was a welcome relief to the days warmth. It is also why photos of the Prime Minister show him wearing a wet pink shirt and beads. Toronto is a Gay welcoming city. The theme of inclusiveness unifies the city as patriotism might. People welcome each other with "Happy Pride." Toronto is a great place to visit.

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